Massimo Marine Partners with ACEL Power International – Electrical Engines

This partnership will immediately launch Massimo Marine into a new spotlight in the Marine Industry. Available via 50hp and 75hp for delivery starting in March of 2023 with 150hp starting delivery Q4 of 2023 and 250hp Q2 of 2024.  Price points are going to set Massimo Marine apart from the rest as our Electric boats will be better prices and a better value than any other competitor, hands down.  Featuring a 5 Year warranty, this will be one of the best warranties in the Industry. Complete with Charging system for your dock or home, this is truly a complete system. The engines feature some of the longest battery life and running time than any other competitor. 

Massimo Marine Electric will be a key seller to lakes with HOA HP restrictions at 20HP. These lakes that have 20HP restrictions due to noise will now be able to get a higher output engine and not be impacted by the 20HP HOA rules. Most Electric engines on the market today only have a HP equivalent of 6-9HP. Many manufactures are in the works for future production but Massimo Marine will be the first to market with a HP of this size.

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